Thursday, March 2, 2017

Pink LOVE Card

Pink Love Card
Here is a pink themed card I made for Valentine's Day but didn't post until now. Haha! This card is normally how I decorate my cards so it was nothing new and not hard to do at all! I love rhinestone ribbon, tulle, and flowers! The only thing I was really missing was...glitter!
On a side note: my son's 12th birthday is coming up and I have trouble making "male" cards. Does anyone have any suggestions or inspiration for some cards for him? He loves to read and he is a fan of goosebumps.
So any suggestions would be great!
Valentine's Day Card by CdeBaca Crafts blog.
  • 4x6 blank ivory card
  • glitter spec tulle
  • metallic embossed paper
  • "love" sticker
  • rhinestone ribbon
  • plastic leaves
  • silk leaves
  • mulberry paper flowers
  • black marker (to trace the edges of the card)
  • glue gun, glue stickers, scissors, ruler
Handmade Valentine's Day card by CdeBaca Crafts.

Handmade Valentine Day card for inspiration by CdeBaca Crafts.

Pink Valentine's Day card by CdeBaca Crafts.

Pink Valentine's Day Card by CdeBaca Crafts.
Inside the card
Handmade Valentine's Day Card for Inspiration by CdeBaca Crafts.

Handmade Pink Valentine's Day Card by CdeBaca Crafts.

Valentine's Day Card with flowers and tulle by CdeBaca Crafts.

Pink Valentine's Day Card made by CdeBaca Crafts.
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Any comments, thoughts, or ideas are always appreciated!


  1. Such a beautiful card, love the embossing on the metallic paper. Gorgeous flowers, Super girly colour.

    As for your Son, how about using a spot embossing folder (if you have one?) to represent the goosebumps,
    - I thought I had better explore this and found it's a series of books!!! Here's a web page with lots of images about the characters, perhaps it will help? perhaps if you Google goosebumps cards, some will come up to, also, help.
    PS I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    1. Thanks ao much Faith! And thanks for the great tips! I'm going to try and use everybody's tips for this card. Definitely will use some sort of embossing technique for the goosebumps. Yup, it is a series of books that my son loves!

  2. What a wonderful and lovely card. I can almost smell those gorgeous flowers I swear! They're so beautiful with that vivid, brilliant color! When I set out to make masculine cards, I always reach for the browns, krafts and blues for some reason, adding gold or black accents of some kind. I'm not familiar with Goosebumps, so I'm sorry I can't help you out there.

    1. Thank you for the kind comment! And, I agree that those colors are good for masculine cards. I will probably have to use green, black, and blue.

  3. This is gorgeous, love that ribbon, so pretty. xxx

  4. Fabulous card, as you know I also love all of the glitter and flowers, so this is just what I like. Beutiful layout, the card has a lovely sense of balancen and a wonderful colours.

    I think everyone struggles with male card. Do you colour? You can find a lot of free images on line - for instance, I have found a lot of free Walt Disney images. I had a quick look and found free Goosebump images at

    However, it colouring is not your thing, you can find royalty free 'photo' type images on line as well. Perhaps you could design a card around a picture?

    Good luck.

    Dionne x

    1. Thank you so much! Flowers and glitter are the best. And, thanks for the tip. I looked up some of those images and found a perfect one to color. I don't usually colors but it consists mostly of black and red colors so it shouldn't be too bad. So we shall see! I will posting my card by this weekend. Hope it is good haha!

  5. Beautiful card and design. Those flowers are a wonderful addition and the script inside is perfect. Awesome aauce and fantabulous.

    I struggle with any cars but more masculine designs are easy. Rust and gears. Andy Skinner has an easy rust techniques using about 3 paints and a graphite pencil. Just google Andy Skinner rust technique part 2. :)

    1. Thanks a bunch and thanks for the great tips!