Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Baby Shower Card

Baby Shower Card
Hello all!

Here is a quick example of an easy watercoloring technique I wanted to try. I am not entirely sure if I did it correctly, but the card still came out cute! I used this card for a baby shower I missed...I sent the card haha!

I saw the example on Instagram:
1) get a clear plastic baggy
2) color streaks on the baggy using water color markers
3) spray water  onto the baggy and place the baggy over your card and slightly smear the colors
4) use papertowels to wipe off the excess water on your card

I thought it was a cute and quick technique...something the kids could do...or me!! :)

A Handmade Baby Shower Card with Watercolors by CdeBaca Crafts Blog.

  • white card
  • baby themed stickers - puffy 3D stickers
  • water color markers
  • clear ziplock baggy
  • water spray
  • paper towels
  • glue stick
  • black marker
A Cute Baby Shower Card for Babies by CdeBaca Crafts Blog.

An Adorable Handmade Baby Shower Card by CdeBaca Crafts Blog.

Baby Shower Cards by CdeBaca Crafts Blog.

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  1. Love this beautiful card and the technique you used.

  2. What a SUPER card, love the colour effects. love the BABY letters and the duck 3D'd.

  3. Very cute and quick technique! Awesome sauce card and details.

  4. Aww, such a sweet card. Fab background and lots of layers, I must try this technique it sounds so much fun to do.

    Stay well.

    Dionne x

  5. Your technique looks like it was fun to do, and those baby blocks are as cute as can be! Such a fun baby card :)