Monday, July 24, 2017

Just for You - An Owl Gift Tag

Just For You - An Owl Gift Tag

Hello everyone! I haven't been on blogger recently and turned out that I needed to download the Chrome browser! I don't know stuff like this haha! What's scary is that I'm young enough where I should know this to work the internet and all. FINALLY, I can show you all a cute and super easy gift tag I made. I start making cards and gift tags around this time because in my family there are tons of August birthdays. I made this gift tag about a month ago and wanted to show it way earlier but I couldn't post anything onto my blog! 

I used a hot glue gun to glue on the wood chip Owl, but I would recommend to use some wood or mod podge glue because of all the little detailed cuts in the owl. I made the gold leaves using gold metallic embossed paper and the leaf hole puncher. It's hard to use because the paper is so thick so I had to make a few just to get the cuts right. 

Handmade Owl Golden Gift Tag by CdeBaca Crafts.


  • oval blank white gift tag
  • wood chip (die-cut) owl
  • gold metallic embossed paper
  • leaf pattern hole punch
  • gold transfer-on words Just for You
  • glue gun, glue, wood glue, mod podge
  • scissors
Easy Handmade Cute Gift Tag by CdeBaca Crafts.

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Handmade Owl Golden Gift Tag by CdeBaca Crafts.

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Cute Handmade Owl Card and Gift Tag Ideas by CdeBaca Crafts Blogger.

Cute Handmade Owl Card and Gift Tag Ideas by CdeBaca Crafts Blogger.

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Side Note: a thank you to everyone who posted helpful advice regarding my "blogger troubles." I also try to respond to everyone's comments, even if you guys don't receive the response or see it ever again. I only have a few followers and a few pop-in comments, but I figure I'd respond to any comments to be polite 😉
Thanks for all the help and advice because it really is helpful!! 


  1. You have made a beautiful gift tag. Love the gold leaves as well as the owl.

  2. Gosh, this is Gorgeous, love the owl and the gold leaves match the sentiment too, so beautiful.

  3. Fabulous tag, isn't that owl stunning, and your leaf design is just perfect. Good luck with all you cards and tags.

    You are not the only one having computer trouble, my laptop recently packed and although I have an IPad, I hardly know how to do more than switch it on. I really do need the laptop for blogging. I got the laptop back yesterday and the only way they could fix it was to restore factory settings. I am having to re-load all of the programmes I use. I have tried to install ITunes seven times and still it will not work!

    I hope you are doing better than me with your technology.

    Dionne xxx

  4. How beautiful! I love your project. Please forgive me for not reading the blog post. The orange print against your pale pink background was too hard to read. But I love your owl! hugs, de

  5. What a fun and pretty tag with that owl! I love the golden accents too for this simple yet effective design! Glad you got your browser installed and all is working again ;)